Understand the selling process

The most popular methods of selling a home are Private Treaty and Auction.

Private Treaty

  • Placing a fixed price on your home makes it easier for potential purchasers. It eliminates their having to guess your desired sale price.
  • The price may be adjusted during the marketing stage, based on buyer feedback and changes in the market conditions.


  • The Auction process creates a sense of urgency.  Buyers know they can’t delay their decision and that you are serious about selling.
  • The reserve price offers you protection.  Your property won’t sell unless the bidding reaches your reserve price.
  • As there is no ceiling price, there is an opportunity to achieve a price higher than your expectations.
  • Auction exchanges produce an unconditional contract of sale (no cool off period) and a set settlement date.

Preparing your home for inspections.

  • Keep lawns and gardens freshly mowed and tidy.  Kerb appeal is very important.
  • Spruce up your front door.  Make your home feel welcoming.
  • Use neutral colours throughout the home, particularly your living areas.  Then add touches of colour with accessories.
  • Ensure your carpets are cleaned and marked or damaged timber floors are treated
  • The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the home.  Ensure that kitchen clutter is cleared and kitchen is bright and clean. Some fresh flowers add a nice touch.
  • Bathrooms must be spotless and tiles cleaned.  Air your bathroom before inspections and ensure that there are no bad smells.  Scented candles are a nice touch.
  • In small bedrooms reduce the amount of furniture giving the impression of space.
  • Built-in wardrobes and storage are important.
  • Give that luxurious feel with fresh linen, puffed up cushions and cushions.
  • Create atmosphere with lighting.