Woronora is an established residential area, with parklands and waterways. Woronora is bounded by the Woronora River in the north, the suburb of Jannali, River Road, Prince Edward Park Road and Forbes Creek in the east, the suburb of Woronora Heights and Warrangarree Drive in the south and the Woronora River and the suburb of Bangor in the west. Woronora is named from an Aboriginal word meaning “black rock”. It was originally known as Wooloonara.

Settlement of the area dates from the mid 1800s. Growth was minimal until the early 1900s. The population grew steadily from the 1950s until the mid 1980s, when all available land had been developed. The population increased slightly during the 1990s, and then was relatively stable between 2001 and 2006, a result of little change in dwelling stock and the average number of persons living in each dwelling.

Major features of the area include Bonnet Bay Reserve, Prince Edward Park and one school.

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